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network.Key Component #1:  A Network of Average People

This network is built by every person inviting 4 partners to join them in becoming an "average millionaire." 340 autofilled positions are OPEN until Launch which means we may fill your 4 partner seats for you. Participate in our "Spread the Word" Campaign to qualify for one of them.
moneyclip. Key Component #2: One Affordable, Out-of-Pocket Expense

Just a few hundred dollars, $370 to be exact, will be all that is needed out-of-pocket to invest up front to get started. No other plan has been designed to do what our Network aims to accomplish. That is, to require a few hundred dollars out-of-pocket that will be the only expense needed to achieve the goal of a million-dollars annual passive income within a 12-24 month period. Then the profits will maintain any other expenses from there.

map. Key Component #3: A Detailed and Calculated Plan of Action

This plan is designed to take 6 months to reach a 4-figure monthly passive income and to set and forget the plan. Then the remaining months of just sitting back watching our bank account grow until our 4-6 figure monthly passive income goal is realized for everyone in the Network. This detailed plan outlines every step with instructions, dates, and picture blueprints to make it that much easier for each member to duplicate and get each step done painlessly and quickly.

vault. Key Component #4: Multiple, Viable Streams of  Passive Income

Four business opportunities have been identified in the home based business industry that can produce a 6-figure income in a significantly short period of time with a comparitively small network. What I have done is layered these 4 opportunities into a strategic business development sequence to propel that potential into hyperdrive. Additional qualified home based business opportunities may be added to expand our income goals. Signing up as a customer of these companies at a specific point-of-entry is the first step to position yourself to make these millions.

goldman. Key Component #5: The "Millionaire Mindset"

When a new millionaire is made, more dollar bills are not created with a bank's printing press,...just the flow of cash that is already dispersed in the world is redirected into a funnel that lands that cash into his(her) pockets. I have a plan to funnel those millions into OUR pockets.

When I say the "Millionaire Mindset," I am making a distinction from a "Millionaire's Mindset." I mean to focus on the value in an abundance mentality and associated thought patterns. I am not referring to any "elite" group who might claim to be particularly different from the average person due to genetics, inheritance, predisposition, associations, or economic class.

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